Muhammad Saleh Basharahil Hospital

Muhammad Saleh Basharahil Hospital is situated in the Holy City of Makkah, Al-Mukarramah in Saudi Arabia.

A first-class, private general hospital and is an Associate Member of the distinguished American Hospital Association

The aim of the late Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Basharahil to provide the Holy City and the Pilgrims with high quality medical care was behind the construction of this project.

Chairman Announcement

The administrative board of M.S.Basharahil Hospital like to announce the end of the construction work in the hospital , all hospital rooms were up-graded with new bathrooms, furnutures, paintings.
The new State of the art Royal suite with 4 reception aeras.
The new VIP suites
The new Auditorium
The Intensive care unit is now with 7 beds .
The delivery room is so comfortable that ladies feel that they are delivering in there own bed rooms