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The Philips C-Shape " Open " MRI Unit will arrive in September 2003
In support of the move to upgrade the hospital facilities & equipments in order to obtain the ISO 9001, The Chairman and the Board of Directors of Basharahil Development Group.L.C. have authorized the hospital general Manager ,Eng.Turki M.Basharahil in May 26 ,2003 , to sign the contract with AL-Faisaliah Medical Systems, as represented by Dr.Obeidat, leading to the hospital's purchase of the first C-Shape MRI unit in the western Region of Saudi Arabia.
Amongst others, this new MRI unit plus the Acquisition of the HDI4000 3D Ultrasound System from the same company, are just two of many plans disclosed and agreed upon by the board members in the recently concluded annal meeting held at the newly-renovated Hospital auditorium.