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M.S.Basharahil Hospital include different Sub-Specialities in all medical field

Hospital departments.
Emergency Department : 24 hours ,7 Days a week fully equiped to deal with all types of emergencies,the hospital location on the Madinah Highway make this department offers the best traumatology services.

The Out Patient Department

The Out patient department consists of 16 clinics covering all medical and Surgical specialities with support and facilities of all Diagnostic Tools.

The Cardiology clinic with facilities to perform all non-invasive cardilogic studies from plain ECG -till 3D echoo dopplar and stress test .
the Gastro-enterology clinic with it's endoskopic unit , the nephrology clinic with it's Haemodialysis facilities , the chest clinic with the ability to make a pulmonary function studies.
The neurology clinic capable to perform all neurophysilogical tests .
The paediatric clinic offers the best care for children and assessment of various developmental milestones .
The Gynocological clinics with its ante-natal care ,infertility manegement and early screening of gynocological neoplasms.
The Urology clinic offers the highst calliber possible of endoscopic surgery in managment of most common urological disorders.
The General surgery Clinic works in coordination with different clinics to manage GIT cases and independently manage other common surgical diseases including a Burn unit and the use of endoscopic techniques for cholecystectomy.
The orhtopaedic clinic offers -besides its usual services of traumatology- the early detection of osteoporosis using the most recent machines in the world.
The ophthalmology clinic offers laser therapy for retinopathy apart from other services as intraocular surgeries.
The neurosurgery clinic deals with all types of neurosurgical cases and mainly in Trauma and spinal surgery
The dermatology clinic deals with all types of skin and veneral diseases.
the dental clinic is one of the most famous clinics in the hospital.

Diagnostic Department

The X-ray Department : with all classical x-rays as well as mamogrpphy and the most saphesticated CT-Scan and MRI ,it is to be noted that Basharahil Hospital is the only private hospital in Makkah with this facility . the sonography department perform beside the normal echography the 3D echoo-Doppler.
The Laboratory Department withall the facility to perform all bilogical and microscopical investigations.